It is crucial to realize that deploying strategic initiatives and driving adoption of solutions is not just a series of tasks.  

Setting the governance foundation for program management is mandatory.  Without it, implementations become purely tactical and don’t deliver value.  

And ultimately, earning the mindshare and adoption of your unique workforce necessitates taking a worker-centric approach to modernizing your processes and tools. Leapgen experts can guide you and your team through thoughtful deployments personalized to the needs, habits and motivations of your workforce.  We also ensure solutions are designed in a way that organizational leadership has access to the data and insights necessary to make smart decisions about talent.

Process & System Design

  • Coaching & Education
  • Process Map Development
  • Scenario / Test Script Creation
  • Report Design Spec Development

Governance & Program Management

  • Program / Project Readiness Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Governance Design
  • HR Innovation COE Setup
  • PMO Management
  • Project Management


  • Brand Design
  • Messaging Development
  • Communications Development
  • Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Training Development & Delivery
  • User Experience Testing
  • Adoption Measurement (Systematic & Perceptual)