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It's taking longer than ever to get hired, Glassdoor survey shows

Huge improvements in the recruiting and hiring process are needed now. The candidate experience must get better in order for organizations to reduce hiring cyle time. A Must Read Article.



Fine-tuning Employee Performance: Chatbots, Equity Plans and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Do chatbots have a place in the HR departments of the future? Jason Averbook, CEO and Founder of global human resources consultancy Leapgen, explains in this article.



Viewpoint: Use Personas to Design Better Solutions for Your Workforce

It's likely that you've either read about or discussed the concept of HR professionals thinking like marketers and treating the workforce like customers. These are valuable concepts, but where do you start? At the same place where the very best design teams in the world start: personas. Read entire article



Leapgen Launches to Help Organizations Chart Their Own Future of Work

Leapgen officially launches as a global consultancy organized around the new world of work. The company's mission is to help organizations shape their future workplace by adopting forward-looking workforce practices and fast-innovating technologies that are right for their business and culture. Read Press Release.



Has HR Technology Been Changing? Do You Think?

In the last five years alone, HR technology has moved from one era to another. The cloud, social applications in the enterprise, analytics and mobile are changing its course for everyone. Read article.



10 Things HR Needs To Understand To Prepare For The Digital Economy

When it comes to preparing for the digital economy, there is a lot to keep in mind. Gartner predicts that the next ten years will be the first truly digital decade. The ways we interact with each other has changed. Read article.



How to Bring Learning and Working Together in 2017

Your employees might swipe effortlessly back and forth between email, Slack, Salesforce, and Facebook dozens of times each day—but how often do they jump over to your LMS platform? Article explores this question.




How Will You Shape the Future? Featuring Jason Averbook

Peter Clayton interviewed Jason Averbook after he delivered his thought-provoking closing keynote speech at the HR Tech World San Francisco conference in June 2017on how the employee experience must be ‘consumerized’ at every company. Listen to Podcast.