Fail-Proof Your Transition to Continuous Performance Management

Solution Provider Webinar | June 28th

Leapgen CEO, Jason Averbook, lead a highly interactive discussion with HR leaders Andrew Bartlow, VP of HR and Meredith Silipo, Senior HR Generalist, of Waypoint Homes about Waypoint’s transformative journey from an annual performance review cycle to one of continuous feedback and engagement using HighGround Performance Management solution.

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Digital HR - What to Expect in 2017. 

Joint LeapChat with Future Knowledge | February 22, 2017

Join industry thought leaders David Guazzarotto (CEO Future Knowledge) and Jason Averbook (CEO LeapGen) for a lively debate on what we can expect in Digital HR, Workforce Technology and the Future of Work in the year ahead.  Not just your average HR Tech trends session, you can expect a healthy mix of shiny new ideas, practical tips on how to drive your own roadmap and some decent home truths.


LeapGen Co-Founders Discuss Company Launch on First LeapChat

Why LeapGen?  Why Now? | January 12, 2017

LeapGen Co-Founders, Jason Averbook & Mike Brennan discuss the digital disruptions happening in virtually every aspect of business and how organizations should seize on them to transform how they manage their workforces for the better.  Spoiler alert - It's not all about the technology.  A special thanks to the audience participants who fueled the discussion!


Why 2017 is the Year HR Service Delivery Must 'Reboot!'  

LeapChat Webinar | June 1st

Don't miss this highly interactive, lively LeapChat webinar of how HR organizations can become more innovative, efficient and mindful of the workforce experience through Service Delivery. Great discussion on how optimizing your service delivery model will be key to ensuring an amazing user experience for employees, contractors and managers as well as an effective and efficient HR function.

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Defining the Future of Work? Start with the Worker. 

Design Thinking LeapChat | January 27, 2017

Join Jason Averbook and Mike Brennan who discussed and took questions on the following topics:

1. How to design processes to meet the expectations of the workforce
2. Why a cloud solution alone is not the answer
3. How personas aid improvement of the worker experience
4. Why HR/Workforce technology of today does not get adopted and some things to do about it

Top HR Thought-Leader Jason Averbook
Rebrands 'Workforce Technology' on Firing Line

Firing Line with Bill Kutik® | October 18, 2016

LeapGen founder Jason Averbook interviewed by Bill Kutik. They discuss buying and adopting HR technology, saying it will get easier with a new name indicating it is for employees not HR departments

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How to Get Your HCM Platform Investment Approved. Live Webinar | May 24th

Leapgen Co-Founders Jason Averbook and Mike Brennan and co-sponsored by SyncHR delivers a webinar perfect for innovative HR professionals who could use real-world guidance on how to build and sell a business case for their next- generation human capital management solution.



Marketing in HR.  
It's a Mandate! 

LeapChat with Jason Averbook & Mike Brennan | April 28th

During this LeapChat, you'll gain deep insights from LeapGen co-founders as they chat about how HR organizations today can leverage marketing best practices to build a better workforce experience and what you can do to
stay ahead of the curve.


Together in 2017

EdCast | January 4, 2017

LeapGen mention at Learning 2020 event