Leapgen was founded by Jason Averbook and Mike Brennan to lead digital transformation in an industry poised for the most significant change it will see in our time.

They set out to build a company like no other, with a bold mission to shape the future of work. Rich in thought leadership, from a deep bench of industry DNA, Leapgen delivers through true relationship and lasting experience.

Leapgen was founded on the values of Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof. You’ll feel it infused in our culture, our relationships, in the way we deliver value.


It’s never been a more exciting time. The pace of change has never been more rapid, technology has never been more transformational, innovation is leapfrogging itself by the day. It would be easy to put the cart ahead of the horse, but we’ll make the biggest mistake of our time if we do. Taking a human-centered design approach to frictionless workforce experience is what we do at Leapgen. It’s the biggest opportunity for HR. This is how we shape the future of work.
— Jason Averbook, CEO & Co-Founder