Shaping The Future

Rethinking workforce experience - one leap at a time

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Design Thinking Employee Experience Considers Experience and Data  

By: Jason Averbook
July 2019

Experience is everything. Employee experience should drive engagement, not enragement. While staying in a hotel for a client visit in New York last week, I had the kind of experience (real time, mobile, intuitive, not obtrusive, personal, all of those things) we should all have…

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REAL TALK for HR Tech - as in, USE IT!  

By: Jason Averbook
July 2019

So many organizations are deploying a new workforce experience strategy and plan, and that could not be better news for your employees who are waiting for a seamless, frictionless, EASY experience where access to the tools, systems, and people they need to do their jobs well just make plain sense

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Growth Mindset Drives Successful Digital Transformation  

By: Jason Averbook
July 2019

As organizations continue to evolve, mature, and meet the ever-changing demands of our economy, mindset must be part of organizational DNA and strategy. Mindset cannot be something at the leadership level alone; it must trickle through the organization daily and infuse every decision-making process at every level…

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How To Enable and Sustain Changes Driven by Digital Transformation 

By: Kim Heger
July 2019

“The only constant is change.” I think a Greek philosopher said it first, but we’ve all said it over and over since its first uttering. That’s because it rings true, both personally and professionally. We are inundated with new information, new technologies, cool apps we should try, new ways to engage and connect - the list goes on…

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Employee Experience: Just Good Business Sense

By: Alex dePolo
June 2019

Let’s be honest. There are really two reasons employee experience is important: the default we hear about incessantly, and the other, which is infinitely more important. The first is more obvious, probably why we default to it. An awesome experience in moments that matter results in employees who feel like their company really cares…

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Be your own “Best Practice”

By: Elizabeth Castro
February 2019

Throughout my career, I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with some amazing organizations helping with them through their digital transformations. While every client engagement is unique, project teams always seem to have one thing in common — they all suffer from “shiny object syndrome” (SOS) …

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Workforce Technology 
IS Shifting

By: Jim Holincheck
February 2019

Since joining in Leapgen in April 2018, I have seen how HR organizations and the supporting technology they use is evolving. As the Vice President of Advisory Services, I have the opportunity to work with both enterprise clients on a large and small scale as well as solution providers bringing to market new innovative technologies…

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Fact Checking Digital Learning Trends

By: Mike Brennan
November 2018

Over the past few months, my Leapgen colleagues, Jim Holincheck, Ryan Malkes and I had the privilege of interviewing L&D leaders and practitioners from 19 organizations across multiple industries. We asked the audience (mostly from large organizations (median number of employees = 31,000; and most are global household names) a series of questions to ‘fact check’ …

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It’s Our Time — LEAP360 Platform

By: Jason Averbook
October 2018

There’s a buzzword we all love: DISRUPTION. We name conferences after it, we chase it like the Holy Grail, we toss it around our technology and processes and business cases and product roadmaps. DISRUPTION. It sounds bleeding edge. It sounds game-changing. It sounds forward-leaning and risk-taking. Ahh, we crave disruption...

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Three Week Reflection, It’s #Ourtime

By: Kim Heger
August 2018

Prior to consulting, I spent 13 years in corporate HR and Talent Management roles which ultimately created the foundation and also my desire to take a radical leap and move into consulting. Hands down, in 2007, the best career decision I made was to join Knowledge Infusion and I will be forever grateful for Jason Averbook who “took a chance on me”…

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The Future of Your HR Team May be No Future at All

By: Alex dePolo
July 2019

Jason Averbook, our Co-Founder and CEO of Leapgen, recently had a great conversation with George Brooks, the America’s leader for People Advisory Services at EY, about shaping the future of work through digital — a digital mindset plus digitalized experiences supported by digital technology. At Leapgen, we spend every day advising HR…

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HR Systems: More than events and transactions

By: Jim Holincheck
June 2018

When I was at Gartner, I attended an analyst day for a talent management vendor whose CEO asked us our definition of a core HR system. I raised my hand and answered, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that it was a work and life event processing engine. That is still true, but it is terribly limiting view in today’s world…

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Results are in … Investments in Disruptive

By: Mike Brennan
May 2018

Cloud-based, mobile-first digital platforms and AI-powered apps are available to revolutionize how workforce services are delivered. And HR and IT leaders everywhere are moving in droves to figure out how best to deploy them. The results are in from the ‘Making the Digital Shift in HR’ survey conducted jointly by Leapgen and Unleash

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…One Year In!

By: Jason Averbook
March 2018

It has been a year since we launched Leapgen and as an organization, we are so excited about our first year results. When we started Leapgen, our mission was simple and very much tied to our name. We wanted to bring to HR and IT professionals worldwide the concept of loving what you do to create energy to do the audacious and to prove the value that was created to continue to innovate into the future…

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Chang(ing) Management

By: Ryan Malkes
March 2018

The world is changing, the continents are drifting, the global temperature is increasing, and the way we work is almost unrecognizable at times. We have seen an exodus of organizations move from annual appraisal events to a constant stream of conversations. Employee transactions are no longer faxed to the personnel department for processing. The workforce experience is changing, life for the front lines is getting…

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End of Navigation Part 2

By: Jim Scully
January 2018

At 6 a.m. Monday morning Shirley Rich, Autodash’s CEO and founder, approaches the front entrance of the company’s shiny new headquarters building. “Hi Door,” says Shirley, “Please open for employee zero zero zero one.” Matching Shirley’s unique voice to her employee number, the voice-activated door promptly slides open. A pleasant, cheerful voice replies, “Good Morning Ms. Rich. Would you like me to activate your office?...”