Creating rich digital experiences goes far beyond technology.  It requires a fresh perspective on how digital impacts your workforce, knowledge of HR policies and processes and an appreciation for the data needed to drive people-related decisions.  

At Leapgen, we start with helping you build a digital HR strategy that defines your vision and plan for the workforce experience as well as helping you understand who you want to be as an people function. We help create compelling  journeys enabled by HR and other functions across the workforce lifecycle - from pre-hire to retire - in the following ways:

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  • Educate you and your staff on key digital experience concepts (e.g., design thinking, digital engagement, data analysis, campaign management).

  • Help you develop a vision for the digital workforce experience and HR service delivery at your organization.

  • Assess the maturity of your digital workforce experiences.

  • Define and understand the personas involved - both in the workforce at large and in corporate service functions (e.g., HR, Finance, IT).

  • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of your current journeys and recommend ways to improve them (e.g., elimination of steps, changes to roles in process, different timing, better data management, technology enhancements).

  • Audit knowledge assets (e.g., job aids, videos, policies) needed to support digital experiences and make improvements.

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  • Build a roadmap to get from current state to future state.

  • Map digital journeys to the needs and expectations of the fast-changing workforce using a mix of process and conversation design.

  • Conduct a business value assessment if you need to justify any investments to move forward.

  • Inform your digital HR technology portfolio by developing functional and technical requirements for systems of interaction and systems of record.

  • Collaborate with you and your software and technical implementation partners to bring their journeys to life.

  • Help you understand how new experiences impact different stakeholders and manage changes to drive adoption and utilization.

  • Measure the effectiveness of new experiences and collaborate with you to enhance them on an ongoing basis.

  • Upskill your staff on capabilities needed in a digital world (e.g., Experience Design, Master Data Management).

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Build a business
case for change.

Sustain change
and ongoing improvements.

Establish data
security and reduce compliance risk.

administrative work.