Before we do anything, we need to understand your organization and culture, help you fully develop your vision. Only then can we create a plan, starting with the personas/people who need to be considered, the change management to be navigated, and the action/measurement/optimization plan that will follow.

We have three practices to support your journey.

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Your vision can only become reality with a STRATEGY to get there. Here’s how Leapgen helps organizations design digital HR and workforce technology strategies:

  • Blueprint the organization

  • Explore what’s possible v. what’s expected

  • Create the vision

  • Build a digital roadmap for getting there (Mindset, People, Process, Technology)

  • Garner support: Articulate value of investment



Once you’ve defined a strategy toward a clear vision, you need to bring it to life. The next phase is all about Design, Design, Design. Leapgen follows these critical execution steps to ensure your strategy is successful:

  • Right Audience, Desired Experience

  • Right Processes and Delivery Model

  • Right *Digital Solution for Transformation

*Digital: A commonly misused term that encompasses more than technology. Digital strategy addresses Mindset, People, Process AND Technology. A critical difference that makes ALL the difference.



A well-mapped strategy supported by design thinking toward a common vision requires ACTION. We help here, too:

  • Governance

  • Change enablement

  • Measurement and analytics

  • Deployment excellence and continuous improvement



So what exactly do we provide for enterprises?

Our intense focus on 3 service areas makes us really, really good at those specific service areas.
Kind of like wanting a knee surgeon when you need knee surgery, a brain surgeon when you need brain surgery.


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Leap Now for Enterprises

There’s also Leap Now, our on-demand coaching subscription to help whenever you need it. Because driving organizational change can’t always wait for approval and budget on full-scale projects, and it doesn’t happen in a Big Bang. It happens in increments, over time, with various levels of support at critical junctures. Sometimes you need on-demand subject matter expertise that allows for any-time inquiries, big or small.