Before we do anything, we need to understand your organization and culture, help you fully develop your vision. Only then can we create a plan, starting with the personas/people who need to be considered, the change management to be navigated, and the action/measurement/optimization plan that will follow.

We have three practices to support your journey.

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Before any organization can truly be successful with their HR/workforce technology initiatives, they must have a vision of where they want to be into the future and a strategy for how to get there. There are key steps to creating a strategy that “works” for organizations in today’s world and that Leapgen works with organizations around the world to create

  • Understanding of “your” organization (Discovery and Blueprint Services)

  • An Understanding of “what is possible and expected”

  • Creation of Vision

  • Building Digital Roadmap (Mindset, People, Process and Technology)

  • Gaining Support (Return on Investment and Value of Investment)



Once an organization has created their strategy and vision, designing the next steps is critical for success.  We continuously see organizations with a strategy at the CxO level without a true plan to bring that strategy to life. To launch the execution of your strategy, the following steps are required and offered by Leapgen

  • Designing for the Right Audience and Desired Experience

  • Designing the Right Processes and Delivery Model

  • Designing the Right Digital Solution (Mindset, People, Process and Technology) for transformation



One of the hardest parts of taking a strategy and design and putting into action is creating the action plans for success.  This includes areas like governance, change enablement, deployment excellence, measurement and analytics, as well as building a plan for continuous improvement both inside your organization and leveraging Leapgen as a coach on an ongoing basis.

  • Governing the program to insure direction stays consistent

  • Managing the change and adoption

  • Measuring the impact of strategy

  • Advising for agile, continuous improvement


Services for enterprise

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Leap Now for Enterprises

There’s also Leap Now, our on-demand coaching subscription to help whenever you need it. Because driving organizational change can’t always wait for approval and budget on full-scale projects, and it doesn’t happen in a Big Bang. It happens in increments, over time, with various levels of support at critical junctures. Sometimes you need on-demand subject matter expertise that allows for any-time inquiries, big or small.