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Our 11th Annual HR Technology Expo is a full day of speakers, breakout sessions and workshops, vendor demonstrations on innovative HCM technology, and networking with your peers. You'll understand how to leverage HR technology to create a frictionless workforce experience, the impact of AI on recruiting, how HR service delivery can improve culture and drive productivity, and so much more. If you work in HR or IT and play a role in developing and supporting workforce experience, this full-day learning event is not to be missed.


Talent Development Summit

APRIL 10-11,2019 | Vancouver, BC

In today’s world of HR and the science of people; data is the new oil. The better data we have on our workforce the better we are able to create a personalized, intelligent experience that not only benefits the workforce but benefits us as an HR function in planning their future, planning the future of the organization and creating the new world of succession planning.

Join Leapgen’s Jason Averbook as he looks at the importance of a digital strategy and how to leverage data to meet strategic business objectives. The future workforce is our responsibility and it’s our time now to put in place the mindset, people, processes and technology to bring the future workforce visibility to the forefront of what we need to be great at as a people function.