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The Essential Playbook for Building a Strong HR Core, Part #2: FOUNDATION BOOSTERS

WEBINAR | JULY 30 | 10AM pt/1pm et

Our 1st webinar of the HCM Playbook series provided an essential guide to help organizations build a solid core HR foundation, one that is anti-fragile, flexible and adaptable to the evolving needs of your business and that provides accurate data to drive decision-making.

In Part #2 of this 3-part playbook series, Leapgen consultants Jim Holincheck, Alex dePolo, and Elizabeth Castro elaborate on the essential steps to follow the building of your foundation. Join to understand how an 'anti-fragile’ foundation is able to design and fuel experiences for the workforce. You’ll learn how to deliver the right experience to the right audience to the right channel. You don’t want to miss this!