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always on: Learning Management Reinvented

webinar | march 21,2019 | 10am pt & 1pm et

As we continue to study the shifts happening in digital workforce experience and frictionless HR delivery, we pause on a rather significant one: LEARNING.

• How is the emergence of digital content 
and tools reinventing how businesses develop their workforces?
• What is the role of macro-learning (courses and curriculum) versus micro-learning (small, specific bursts)?
• Lots of hot trends, from gamification, user- generated content, social networking, and mobile interfaces - which are having the most impact on the evolution of Digital Learning?

Katarina Soderstrom, Senior Manager of Learning and Organizational Development at Avery Dennison, will join Mike Brennan of Leapgen to discuss the answers to these questions and review some other interesting findings from our recent 'Digital Learning: On the Road to 2020' study. As always, please come to the chat with questions and ideas of your own for Mike and Katarina to address! 

motivate New York 2019

New York | March 12, 2019

Be inspired by some of the top minds in the HR industry sharing the latest trends and tactics in performance management. Along with the opportunity to networking with and learn from leading HR professionals and thinkers.

Our CEO & Co-Founder Jason Averbook will be delivery a keynote around “Building A Continuous Performance Management Program in Your Unique Organization” You don’t want to miss it!

workhuman 2019

Nashville | March 18-21, 2019

Every year, thousands of HR and business leaders come together at WorkHuman to share in the latest research and ideas about the most compelling workplace issues.

Join Jason Averbook our CEO and Co-founder of Leapgen as he discusses the future of work and workforce technologies, and the role of HR. Before HR can transform the experience of an entire organization in the future of work, HR must transform itself. Jason will challenge your thinking and give new techniques to reimagine the HR function to deliver a ‘digitalized’ workforce experience. He’ll also offer insights to guide your team, empower your workforce and sustain new transformational processes that are built on a secure, antifragile foundation. 


Previous Events

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always on: design thinking webinar

webinar | February 21,2019 | 10am pt & 1pm et

Our kickoff "Always On" webinar laid out the major themes and trends we believe you'll see play out in 2019 in HR and your organization. Throughout 2019, we'll break down each of these trends to unpack the topic - HOW will this play out, WHY does it matter, WHAT you can do about it, WHERE to start.

On February 21, Patrick Riley, former CEO & Co-Founder of Modern Survey, joins Ryan Malkes of Leapgen to discuss Design Thinking. The future of work demands a modern, reimagined concept of workforce experience. Design thinking helps you imagine the desired experience producing the best outcomes by starting with mindset. Why are personas are so important? How can you map HR strategy starting with the experience and viewpoint of PEOPLE FIRST, and what change management is required to get to your end state?

For every registration of this webinar, our social good program #Leap4All will donate $1.00 to Cancer Research!

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2019 Predictions: Always ON WEBINAR

Webinar |JANUARY 31, 2019

Leapgen’s Jason Averbook & Jim Holincheck shared their predictions as they dove into trends & perspectives for the industry in 2019 and beyond.

For every registration/social post Leapgen’s social good program #Leap4All donated $1.00 to Breast Cancer Research.


Digital learning: on the road to 2020  

webinar | Happened live december 3 2018

View the webinar everyone is talking about hosted by authors, Mike Brennan and Ryan Malkes, sharing the details outlined in our latest white paper titled "Digital Learning: On the Road to 2020.

From the study they conducted, they set out to answer this question: Is the emergence of digital content and tools really driving a reinvention of how businesses develop their workforces? Surprising results after interviewing L&D leaders and practitioners from 19 organizations across multiple industries.

A few insights from the results found:

  • 90% of enterprise wide employee-based learning is happening outside the traditional L&D structured training environment.

  • Google/YouTube is the primary source for employee’s on the go learning at leading enterprises.

  • A frictionless LEARNER experience is required for L&D to be relevant.

And ... What’s the difference between “Microlearning” and “Macrolearning”? What’s in a digital learning architecture and how does that look as compared to a traditional learning environment? Watch the webinar to learn more!

Also, the full white paper is available in US and UK versions.

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Why Consider Mindset When Embarking on Any People Analytics Initiative? Our Experts Have A Perspective

Leap Chat | happened live August 22, 2018

Leapgen consultants - Jim Holincheck, Alex DePolo and Ryan Malkes - as they discussed why people analytics is such an important part of your digital HR strategy. 

During the discussion, the team will discuss:
- Why does mindset matter?
- What data are we measuring?
- Why measure that data?
- How is this information measured?
- Sneak peak into the Leapgen People Analytics Maturity Model


Leap chat | Happened live JUly 26, 2018

Watch Leapgen's management consultants and HR practitioners, Jim Holincheck and Alex dePolo, as well as our newest executive team member, Kim Heger - Chief People Officer and Customer Advisor at Leapgen, as they discuss what happens when you don't make digital transformation for HR a priority. The team will discuss: what happens when HR does not act fast enough, who is at risk, why is it important to have new and different mindset and what are the steps to digitally transform HR. 


Time for the Workforce Experience Mindset

Leap Chat | happened live JUNE 14, 2018

Jason Averbook, our CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen, is launching his latest book: The Ultimate Guide to a Digital Workforce Experience ~ Leap for a Purpose. In this new book, Jason offers a compelling guide to what’s required for the future of HR and how leaders must unleash their mindset in order to shape the future of work for all generations.

For the past 30 years, the world of HR technology was purely designed to support the HR department that created siloes in HR. Today, however, the workforce is one that is more global, more remote with higher expectations and the vast majority of employees are already conditioned to interact with digital devices versus waiting for humans to respond to their requests. In the Leap Chat, Jason gave us a sneak peak into a few of the topics that are covered in the book.

Manage "Key learnings for HR ~ collected from first half of 2018"

Leap Chat | happened live May 24, 2018 

2018 has already been a pivotal year for HR and its effort to continue to digitize the function. There is a monumental shift in several areas - major changes in data privacy regulations, "me too movement" impact requiring better managerial-level training, geopolitical backdrop, demands for the consumerization of the employee experience, and so much more. Mike Brennan and our newest team member, Jim Holincheck as they discussed how all of these pressures are changing the face of HR and what you need to prepare for as we enter the back half of 2018 and prepare for 2019!


Leap Chat | HAPPEned LIVE APRIL 18, 2018

Leapgen is passionate about helping organizations build a better workforce experience leveraging innovating technology that is enabled by a strong people and process strategy. Through our new Leap Labs initiative, Leapgen explores the potential of different solutions to meet the needs of HR buyers in a practical way. During this Leap Chat, Kevin McDonald, Vice President of BPO Governance & HR Operations at The E.W. Scripps Company discussed with Jason Averbook, CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen and Melissa Swisher, Chief Revenue Officer of Socrates AI, how Socrates AI technology will help transform the employee experience with real-life use cases showcased throughout.

Design Thinking Will Change the Business Case for HR Forever

Leap Chat | Happened Live February 20, 2018

On this Leap Chat Jason Averbook and Mike Brennan of Leapgen discussed why design thinking is key to selling HR innovation internally and how to apply it to your business case efforts. They also applied several key techniques to both designing solutions and selling them internally along the way.

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How Can You Make Your HR Service Delivery Model Be 2018-Ready?

Leap Chat | Happened Live on Jan 17, 2018 10:00 AM PT   

On this Leap Chat Leapgen’s Mike Brennan and Jim Scully discussed powerful yet simple methods to innovate your HR service delivery models to provide a better digital experience to the workforce and valued outcomes to the business.

2018 HR Trends & Predictions Leap Chat Webinar

Leap Chat | Happened Live on Dec 13, 2017 10:00 AM PT  

Here are the top 10 predictions that will impact HR in 2018:

  1. Focus on HR capabilities going digital vs. HR technology

  2. Experience goes mainstream (Workforce Intimacy)

  3. There’s an app for that (HR Services)

  4. Portal gives rise to the ‘Interaction Layer’

  5. Knowledge management makes a comeback

  6. Voice command goes mainstream

  7. There is a shift from process design to conversation design

  8. The cloud grows up

  9. Talent management gets personal

  10. HR skills at emergency mismatch to needs

Leap Chat Workforce Experience Survey Results

Leap Chat | Happened live on November 14th  

On this Leap Chat we welcomed Jim Scully to the executive team at Leapgen. Jim joined the discussion with Jason Averbook and Mike Brennan for another 'unscripted' Leap Chat as they analyzed together the results of the Workforce Experience Insights survey Leapgen & Unleash (formerly HR Tech World) ran in October 2017.

Watson Talent Talks at HR Tech: Jason Averbook

IBM Interview | Happened live October 2017

IBM Watson Talent sat down with our Leapgen CEO & Co Founder Jason Averbook to celebrate the 20 years of the HR Tech conference, as well as a look back at the generations of technology over the past two decades, their impact on the HR industry and what we should all be thinking about as we move forward. Watch Here

Interactive Videocast: Industry Experts on Workforce Technology  

Interactive Webcast | Happened live on September 20, 2017

Please join Leapgen CEO, Jason Averbook, and Workday VP of HCM Product Management, Cristina Goldt, for a LIVE interactive videocast as the industry experts discuss workforce technology and the impact it is having on your multi-generational, multi-cultural workforce.

HRExaminer Executive Conversations Radio show 

Live Radio Show | Happened Live on September 15, 2017

Tune in this Friday for a live HRExaminer radio show at 7am PT / 9am CT / 10am ET for a conversation with Jason Averbook, co-founder and CEO of Leapgen as he discusses the need for HR to change its lens about the workforce and take necessary steps to consumerize workforce experience.

Stop Blaming Ratings for Your Poor Performance Management Process! 

Leap Chat | Happened Live on August 28, 2017

On this Leap Chat, Leapgen's co-founders, Jason Averbook and Mike Brennan, discusses the struggles of building a better performance management process and the importance of focusing on the things that really matter e.g., holding leaders and managers accountable like expectation setting, feedback, coaching and recognition; regardless of whether or not you use ratings. 

How do YOU Consumerize HR?

Leap Chat | Happened Live on August 14, 2017

On this Leap Chat, Leapgen's co-founders, Jason Averbook and Mike Brennan, discusses the digital 'disruption' for HR is here to stay. The ‘consumerization’ of the workforce experience is a complex yet achievable process.  

They explore many areas, including:

  • How can HR leaders and IT leaders come together to focus on the people experience in the organization?

  • How can HR move from requiring employees to access dreaded "adopted" link farms to engaging company-managed sites employees are "addicted" to?

  • What steps do HR leaders need to make in order for them to reinvent processes to support this ongoing transformation?


Fail-Proof Your Transition to Continuous
Performance Management

Solution Provider Webinar | Happened Live on June 28, 2017

Leapgen CEO, Jason Averbook, lead a highly interactive discussion with HR leaders Andrew Bartlow, VP of HR and Meredith Silipo, Senior HR Generalist, of Waypoint Homes about Waypoint’s transformative journey from an annual performance review cycle to one of continuous feedback and engagement using HighGround Performance Management solution.

Why 2017 is the Year HR Service Delivery Must 'Reboot!'

Leap Chat Webinar | Happened Live on June 1, 2017

Don't miss this highly interactive, lively Leap Chat webinar of how HR organizations can become more innovative, efficient and mindful of the workforce experience through Service Delivery. Great discussion on how optimizing your service delivery model will be key to ensuring an amazing user experience for employees, contractors and managers as well as an effective and efficient HR function!


How to Get Your HCM Platform Investment Approved. Live Webinar | Happened Live on May 24, 2017

Leapgen Co-Founders Jason Averbook and Mike Brennan and co-sponsored by SyncHR delivers a webinar perfect for innovative HR professionals who could use real-world guidance on how to build and sell a business case for their next- generation human capital management solution.

Marketing in HR. It's a Mandate!

Leap Chat with Jason Averbook & Mike Brennan | Happened Live on April 28, 2017

During this Leap Chat, you'll gain deep insights from Leapgen co-founders as they chat about how HR organizations today can leverage marketing best practices to build a better workforce experience and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.


Digital HR - What to Expect in 2017. 

Leap Chat with Future Knowledge | Happened Live on February 22, 2017

Join industry thought leaders David Guazzarotto (CEO Future Knowledge) and Jason Averbook (CEO Leapgen) for a lively debate on what we can expect in Digital HR, Workforce Technology and the Future of Work in the year ahead.  Not just your average HR Tech trends session, you can expect a healthy mix of shiny new ideas, practical tips on how to drive your own roadmap and some decent home truths.


Defining the Future of Work? Start with the Worker. 

Design Thinking Leap Chat | January 27, 2017

Join Jason Averbook and Mike Brennan who discussed and took questions on the following topics:

1. How to design processes to meet the expectations of the workforce
2. Why a cloud solution alone is not the answer
3. How personas aid improvement of the worker experience
4. Why HR/Workforce technology of today does not get adopted and some things to do about it


Together in 2017

EdCast | January 4, 2017

Leapgen mention at Learning 2020 event

Leapgen Co-Founders Discuss Company Launch on First Leap Chat

Why Leapgen?  Why Now? | January 12, 2017

Leapgen Co-Founders, Jason Averbook & Mike Brennan discuss the digital disruptions happening in virtually every aspect of business and how organizations should seize on them to transform how they manage their workforces for the better.  Spoiler alert - It's not all about the technology.  A special thanks to the audience participants who fueled the discussion!

Top HR Thought-Leader Jason Averbook Rebrands 'Workforce Technology' on Firing Line

Firing Line with Bill Kutik® | October 18, 2016

Leapgen founder Jason Averbook interviewed by Bill Kutik. They discuss buying and adopting HR technology, saying it will get easier with a new name indicating it is for employees not HR departments