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Measure this: Employee Experience

meet up | JUNE 18 | New York

The concept of Employee Experience (EX) is gaining momentum and it is being used as a broad umbrella for different transformations. The EX scope is broad, the definitions vary, the expertise in this domain is emerging, but there is a set of core goals - to provide employees with a more personalized approach to their daily work, to create productive connections between teams, to positively impact the productivity, retention and talent attraction. 

Our Chief Services Office & Co-Founder, Mike Brennan will be speaking around various topics related to the Employee Experience.

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SAP transformation

federal event | JUNE 19 | Washington DC

Hear from federal agencies and commercial leaders who are engineering a modern and agile workforce through innovative human resources platforms. Senior leaders, program managers, human resources executives and others will convene in Washington, D.C., to explore the future of harnessing the intelligent enterprise.

Leapgen’s very own Jason Averbook will be the opening keynote. You don’t want to miss it!

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The Essential Playbook for Building a Strong HR Core Part #1

webinar | june 25 | 10am PT/1PM ET

Organizations want to do more to create a better workforce experience that improves engagement, performance, and retention to scale and stay competitive. At the same time, you're working with a patchwork quilt of technology solutions to meet your Human Capital Management (HCM) needs, often lacking a strong foundation to drive decision-making and deliver measurable value to the organization.

In this playbook webinar, Leapgen management consultants Jim Holincheck, Alex DePolo and Elizabeth Castro share an essential guide to help emerging growth organizations build a core HR foundation, or what we call an ‘anti-fragile foundation.’