Leapgen is DIFFERENT

Transformation doesn’t happen engagement by engagement. It happens on a continuum.
That’s why we’re focused on Four Centers of Excellence.




We’re the only digital transformation company solely focused on driving client success through a holistic equation of mindset, people, process, and technology —
a methodology that helps enterprises strategically plan and build a better workforce experience.




We’re different, and this is a big way. You can’t always wait for approval and budget on full-scale projects. Sometimes you need on-demand subject matter expertise that allows for any-time inquiries. We offer advisory services as a subscription model. This is called Leap Now.

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We created a community called FuelWork to connect the industry globally and to share advice and insights related to digital transformation. Offering an online engagement platform, local and regional events, content and curriculum, FuelWork is a professional community for human resources and technology professionals who are advancing the Future of Work.




We’re passionate about providing education, resources, and thought leadership to upskill and educate the market. We do this by creating original playbooks, ebooks, and industry briefs and by offering regular speaking engagements, webinars, and workshops. You can also follow our conversational series, Always On (coming soon).