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Embracing digital transformation is the greatest opportunity and challenge, simultaneously, of every HR organization in every enterprise around the globe. But driving organizational change can’t always wait for approval and budget on full-scale projects, and it doesn’t happen in Big Bang fashion. It happens in increments, over time, with various levels of support at critical junctures. Sometimes you need on-demand subject matter expertise that allows for any-time inquiries. This is often what gets you TO the big project, THROUGH it, or helps you drive adoption and measure the success OF the larger project.

That’s for organizations embracing digital transformation. What about the solution providers on whom they rely? Vendor partners have a different set of challenges - staying head of the innovation curve, understanding and keeping pace with a rapidly changing market and the ever-evolving needs of enterprises, and positioning against a crowded marketplace. For solution providers, a nimble, flexible, on-demand model to gain timely and needed advice can be critical for market or product strategy and for competitive positioning.

This is Leap Now, and it’s offered to enterprises and solution providers alike: on-demand coaching to help whenever you need it.

It’s a “bat phone” to a dedicated Leap Coach:

  • Leap Reviews to keep your organization moving

  • Inquiries into a Leap Network of thought-leaders, consultants, and domain-based advisors

  • Highly flexible connection options through Zoom conferencing, dedicated Slack Channels, Asana project tracking, and real-time collaboration through Google docs

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