We are happy to introduce Leapgen’s new social good program called, Leap4All.



Leapgen was founded on a common set of core values that drive meaning and a sense of purpose in everything that we do as individuals, teams and for our customers. Demonstrating these values everyday contributes to a dynamic and rich culture.

  • Love: We love the pursuits of making the world a great place to work and making Leapgen the greatest team on Earth.

  • Energy: Our positive energy inspires trust and fuels long-lasting relationships.

  • Audacity: We apply a growth mindset to do the audacious - as individuals, as a team and with our customers.

  • Proof: We prove ourselves to our customers by meeting and exceeding their expectations, and by holding ourselves and one another accountable.

We are a fortunate group that LOVEs helping others and are committed to approaching each social engagement with the same ENERGY that we do for our paying clients.  We will strive to do AUDACIOUS things that will change the lives of others and the PROOF will come in the form of smiles, handshakes and hugs. We believe everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard. We believe that to be good social citizens, we need to take action when we see adversity.


  • Our program values are based on the following three pillars:

    • Individual

      • Establish a culture of “giving back” is more than just driving change within the community, it’s a critical factor in increasing employee engagement, boosting employee morale and will ultimately help us retain and attract top talent. Employees would rather donate their skills & time than donating money, so it’s important for Leapgen to value it as well.

      • “Create awareness that social good is important to both our employees / Leapgen as an organization”

    • Team

      • Create an atmosphere that promotes togetherness in fun and creative ways. This will allow employees to bond over their passions, build trust with team members and work collectively on initiatives that are meaningful and inspiring. Fostering an environment outside of work will improve collaboration and productivity.

      • “We want to build a team with social good”

    • Customer

      • Expand the Leapgen brand to go beyond the work we do for our customers by establishing a presence in the community as “doers” who are focused on key issues facing our society today. It will also help to build trust within the community, with our customers and key stakeholders.

      • “We want to engage / encourage our customers through social good initiatives”