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Jason Averbook, a global thought leader, agent for change in HR and CEO and Co-Founder of Leapgen, is launching his latest book:

The Ultimate Guide to a Digital Workforce Experience ~ Leap for a Purpose.


In his new book, Jason offers a compelling guide to what’s required for the future of HR and how leaders can shape the future of work. There is no one-click prescription available with HR technology. The HR function needs to deliver a digital employee experience platform to meet the needs of an organization that aspires to be poised for sustainable growth. It’s time to build a digital HR strategy. The power of digital breaks down silos of HR and allows teams to build a frictionless workforce experience for the moments that matter ensuring the DNA of the company is captured for the future.


Learn why its of critical importance to build a solid data foundation
How do we decide what it is to be great at versus OK to be OK at
When the power of digital transformation hinges on digitization; not just automation
What are steps to build a frictionless consumerized employees experience
How to develop new skills to rebuild the workforce experience
and illuminate change champions across organizations

If anyone can gain four actionable takeaways from my book - the importance of building a data foundation combined with digitization (not just automation), combined with the empathy required to create a better employee experience and then an understanding of the skills we need to do that; mission accomplished.
— Jason Averbook, Author