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OurTime is a daily internet radio show (12:30pm PT/3:30pm ET) dedicated to educating the world on the future of work and how digital transformation of the world as a whole (inside and outside of institutions) is affecting us each and every day. We can no longer ignore or disrespect that it is 2018 and the radio show is a way to push that content and message to a global audience.




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You would never put in a new heart without knowing your blood type. You have to know how your people work and you must have a digital people strategy. OurTime is a daily discussion of how to do that.
— Jason Averbook, Co-Founder & CEO of Leapgen


07.09.18  Jason talking about why “OurTime” and “Why Now” - LISTEN

07.10.18  Kim Heger and Jason talk Culture and Digital - Coming Together To Drive Engagement - LISTEN

07.11.18 Jason and William Tincup talk Recruiting, ATS and Technology! - LISTEN

07.13.18 Jess Von Bank and Jason talk workforce experience and leveling up your game - LISTEN