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AI! BOTS! - jason averbook on surviving the oncoming hr apocalypse

May 2018

Leapgen, the digital HR innovation partner to HR and IT leaders building digital workforce experiences, is proud to announce the addition of Jim Holincheck to its seasoned executive team. Jim brings over 25 years of experience with Workday, Gartner and Accenture as a consulting, analyst, advisory and software professional to Leapgen to help drive its strategic growth initiatives. Read Press Release

AI! BOTS! - jason averbook on surviving the oncoming hr apocalypse

April 2018

Jason Averbook is interviewed by Swati Gangawane Gujar of Pozitive on "How ongoing recognition creates more engaged employees." His thoughts include, "We need to be thinking about ongoing engagement, ongoing feedback, ongoing coaching, ongoing recognition, and just ongoing communication and sentiment analysis to say, how are these people feeling?" Read Article


40+ Top Global Influencers in HR Tech of 2018

APRIL 2018

Jason is an executive, consultant, author and thought leader with a broad understanding of how tech can be applied to common business problems and help organizations realize the benefits of such solutions. Jason drives the Future of Work in organizations all over the world and encourages HR leaders to build a better workforce experience based on empathy-driven design thinking principles. Read Article


Bringing together People, Processes, and Technology

March 2018

The way we work and live is changing, and those who contest this statement are wasting time not preparing for the future. Jason Averbook CEO of Leapgen in the last session for the People Matters Talent Tech Evolve Virtual Conference brought together insights on how people, process, and technology must come together for a better tomorrow, and how the HR community can start laying the groundwork for this synergy. Read Full Article

Leapgen Delivers Monumental First Year Results in 2017

March 2018

Leapgen, the trusted HR innovation partner to HR and IT leaders building digital workforce experiences, today announced monumental first year results in 2017. Since launching the company in January 2017, Leapgen delivered revenue 63 percent over forecast due to the significant demand from HR executives globally looking to partner to successfully develop and execute against a digital HR strategy. Read Full Press Release 

How ready is HR for AI? Here’s the bad news…


Jason Averbook argues that HR needs to put proper foundations in place first before jumping to AI. While AI is grabbing the headlines and beginning to change the workplace, Jason Averbook, co-founder and chief executive of consulting firm Leapgen, sounds a note of caution. Read Full Article

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HR plays to win with gamification for learninG


At some companies, corporate education has become a tool for engagement and employee experience. See how gamification is putting the 'fun' in learning fundamentals. Read Full Article

2018 Predictions, Pt. 2: Tele-Healthcare, Remote-Control Cars with Bedside Manners, and the Journey to Mars

December 2017

“In 2018, organizations will take a digital-first approach. We will stop rolling out capabilities of any type without thinking “digital first.,” said Jason Averbook, CEO of Leapgen, in interview with SAP’s Game-Changers Radio. View Podcast

The Future of Digital Transformation Adoption – with Jason Averbook

December 2017

“I recently surveyed 800 HR practitioners of which 60% had moved to the cloud, but 97% of those businesses said that the technology had failed to to meet their expectations.” Jason Averbook, CEO of Leapgen is quoted in Podcast hosted by Andrew Barlow of AppLearn. Listen to Podcast

How some companies reap rewards of people analytics tools

December 2017

Jason Averbook, CEO of Leapgen is quoted in article by TechTarget. "There are not many things that are competitive in HR, but when you're competing for talent, you bet companies aren't going to spill the beans about everything." Read Full Article

What it takes to deploy, exploit HR tech

December 2017

Employers digitally transforming their human resource departments have a number of key goals, such as reducing their HR administrative burden and making HR performance indicators more actionable so managers can better allocate staff. For insights on how this can be accomplished, Employee Benefit News recently spoke to our CEO of Leapgen Jason Averbook. Read Article

Employees Will Book Time Off Using Alexa-style Devices

October 2017

“So much of HR work is transactional, repeatable, auditable and documentable – that is what bots are great at,” said Jason Averbook, CEO of Leapgen, in interview with Bill Goodwin of Computer Weekly. Read Article

What's Coming Next in HR Tech

October 2017

Jason Averbook is quoted during HR Tech Conference on October 10-13 saying, "I guarantee in two or three years, we won't be talking about user interfaces or menus, but how we bring interaction to the worker." Must Read Article

It's taking longer than ever to get hired, Glassdoor survey shows

August 2017

Huge improvements in the recruiting and hiring process are needed now. The candidate experience must get better in order for organizations to reduce hiring cyle time. A Must Read Article.

Fine-tuning Employee Performance: Chatbots, Equity Plans and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

July 2017

Do chatbots have a place in the HR departments of the future? Jason Averbook, CEO and Founder of global human resources consultancy Leapgen, explains in this article.

"Most organizations fail to drive adoption because of their inability to design processes around employees."

October 2017

Ahead of HR Tech World Amsterdam, taking place on 24-25 October 2017, Jamie Lawrence spoke with Jason Averbook, CEO at Leapgen about how organisations can better drive adoption of HR technology and prepare for what the digital future holds. Read Article.

In the News: Jason Averbook, CEO/Co-founder of Leapgen

September 2017

Decoding workplace engagement, Jason Averbook is the 'go-to guy' for advice on optimizing the employee and manager experience for today’s world of work. Read Interview.

Viewpoint: Use Personas to Design Better Solutions for Your Workforce

July 2017

It's likely that you've either read about or discussed the concept of HR professionals thinking like marketers and treating the workforce like customers. These are valuable concepts, but where do you start? At the same place where the very best design teams in the world start: personas. Read entire article

How Will You Shape the Future? Featuring Jason Averbook

July 2017

Peter Clayton interviewed Jason Averbook after he delivered his thought-provoking closing keynote speech at the HR Tech World San Francisco conference in June 2017on how the employee experience must be ‘consumerized’ at every company. Listen to Podcast.

Finding the ROI In Your Workplace & HR Technology   

May 2017

Technology is extremely important to effectively doing our jobs and building organizations, however, painting the picture in terms of the path of how to get there is important. Listen to Podcast.

10 Things HR Needs To Understand To Prepare For The Digital Economy

March 2017

When it comes to preparing for the digital economy, there is a lot to keep in mind. Gartner predicts that the next ten years will be the first truly digital decade. The ways we interact with each other has changed. Read article.

Workplace Engagement Decoded: Optimizing the Employee and Manager Experience for Today's World of Work

March 2017

Andee Harris, Chief Engagement Officer at HighGround, Jason Averbook, Co-Founder and CEO at Leapgen, and Laura Seamans, VP of Organizational Effectiveness at ACT discuss several tangible, deployable ideas that you can use immediately in your workplace. Read More.


Leapgen Launches to Help Organizations Chart Their Own Future of Work

January 2017

Leapgen officially launches as a global consultancy organized around the new world of work. The company's mission is to help organizations shape their future workplace by adopting forward-looking workforce practices and fast-innovating technologies that are right for their business and culture. Read Press Release.

How to Bring Learning and Working Together in 2017

January 2017

Your employees might swipe effortlessly back and forth between email, Slack, Salesforce, and Facebook dozens of times each day—but how often do they jump over to your LMS platform? Article explores this question.