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The Essential Playbook for Building a Strong HR Core

Leapgen management consultants' Jim Holincheck and Alex DePolo, set out to develop a guide that helps emerging growth organizations build a core HR foundation, or what we call an ‘anti-fragile foundation.’

In this guide, you will find step by step instructions on how to build a foundation that provides accurate data to drive decision-making and enable your company to adapt your technology foundation to your business needs. 


Digital Learning: On the Road to 2020 White Paper

Is the emergence of digital content and tools really driving a reinvention of how businesses develop their workforces? YES and NO.

Surprising results from the data we collected after interviewing L&D leaders and practitioners from 19 organizations across multiple industries. Gather all the findings in the new Digital Learning study ~ available in US and UK versions.


Innovate Or Die: 2018 Predictions for HR

This is the MUST-READ 9-page playbook offering HR leaders and practitioners - top 10 trends & predictions for HR from leading experts - Jason Averbook, Mike Brennan & Jim Scully at Leapgen.


7 Ways to Make Performance Management Meaningful

Half of all HR leaders that we surveyed admit that they need major help with performance management . We hear ya! Mike Brennan of Leapgen crafted a step by step playbook to take the process from pain to gain.


HR’s Quest to Deliver a Frictionless Workforce Experience

The Leapgen and UNLEASH market research teams uncovered some very compelling and MUST-KNOW trends around current service delivery models and what HR leaders must do to deliver a better digital experience to their workforce.