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Nine Shifts Impacting Enterprise Workforce Technology

Leapgen management consultant Jim Holincheck discusses how HR organizations and the supporting technology they use is evolving. Jim has had the opportunity to work with both enterprise clients on a large and small scale as well as solution providers bringing to market new innovative technologies that are solving virtually every problem imaginable.

Jim has worked on a wide variety of client projects across multiple industries at Leapgen. These projects provided him with new perspective on some very important changes happening in HR technology. This brief breaks down what he has learned from working with our clients .

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The Essential Playbook for Building a Strong HR Core

Leapgen management consultants' Jim Holincheck and Alex DePolo, set out to develop a guide that helps emerging growth organizations build a core HR foundation, or what we call an ‘anti-fragile foundation.’

In this guide, you will find step by step instructions on how to build a foundation that provides accurate data to drive decision-making and enable your company to adapt your technology foundation to your business needs. 


Digital Learning: On the Road to 2020 White Paper

Is the emergence of digital content and tools really driving a reinvention of how businesses develop their workforces? YES and NO.

Surprising results from the data we collected after interviewing L&D leaders and practitioners from 19 organizations across multiple industries. Gather all the findings in the new Digital Learning study ~ available in US and UK versions.


Innovate Or Die: 2018 Predictions for HR

This is the MUST-READ 9-page playbook offering HR leaders and practitioners - top 10 trends & predictions for HR from leading experts - Jason Averbook, Mike Brennan & Jim Scully at Leapgen.


HR’s Quest to Deliver a Frictionless Workforce Experience

The Leapgen and UNLEASH market research teams uncovered some very compelling and MUST-KNOW trends around current service delivery models and what HR leaders must do to deliver a better digital experience to their workforce. 


7 Ways to Make Performance Management Meaningful

Half of all HR leaders that we surveyed admit that they need major help with performance management . We hear ya! Mike Brennan of Leapgen crafted a step by step playbook to take the process from pain to gain.