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Every organization is feeling the pressure of digital transformation of workforce experience. Cloud, mobile, new digital platforms and AI-powered apps are available to revolutionize how HR services are delivered. Yet there remains a significant gap between consumer experience and workforce experience.  

Leapgen works with clients to build a digital HR strategy that strengthens their digital HR mindset and enables better experiences using the capabilities in their technology portfolio as well as innovative new solutions to better support the workforce.

  • Develop a digital HR vision aligned with the needs of the business and the expectations of the workforce

  • Build a roadmap to future state, which ideally includes improved workforce experience, improved HR efficiency and effectiveness, and cost savings

  • Develop a plan to drive and measure utilization

  • Create a digital workforce experience Center of Excellence for ongoing governance

  • Assess existing digital capabilities relative to requirements

  • Architect solutions, recommend technology optimization, evaluate and recommend new innovation

  • Data and analytics to drive decisions



Creating rich digital experiences goes far beyond technology.  It requires a fresh perspective on how digital impacts your workforce, knowledge of HR policies and processes, and an appreciation for the data needed to drive people-related decisions.  

At Leapgen, we help you build a digital HR strategy that defines your vision and plan - not only for workforce experience but who you want to be as a people function.

  • Educating on digital experience concepts (design thinking, digital engagement, data analysis, campaign management)

  • Developing your vision for digital workforce experience

  • Persona development, including their ‘moments of truth’ and digital journey development

  • Audit knowledge assets (e.g., job aids, videos, policies) needed to support digital experience

  • Collaborate with software and technical implementation partners to bring digital journeys to life

  • Change enablement and ongoing measurement and optimization to drive adoption, utilization, and continuous improvement

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HR service delivery is turning itself inside out. Once internally focused on consolidation and cost savings, service delivery models are becoming centered on the workforce experience. Digital direct access, once seen as an alternative service channel, is becoming the primary entry point for all services - from recruiting to outplacement and everything between.  

Leapgen understands how digital and human service channels must work holistically and seamlessly to create positive yet efficient employee experiences.

  • Assess current HR delivery model and provide actionable improvement recommendations

  • Develop new vision for digital workforce experience and HR service delivery

  • Design new service delivery models or optimize existing ones without losing sight of the human side of the customer interaction model

  • Map new workforce journeys and processes, including new roles and resources required by HR to support

  • Create scorecards to measure valued outcomes for service delivery success

  • Assess value of proposed new investments to support business case

  • Change enablement, transition plans, ongoing measurement and optimization to drive adoption, utilization, and continuous improvement