WE HELP CONSUMERIZE the workforce experience

Leapgen is a leading management consulting firm dedicated to supporting HR, IT and those leaders responsible for digital interactions at global enterprises across industries and solution providers within the rapidly evolving HR technology and workforce experience marketplace.

We’re the only management consultant firm solely focused on driving client success through a holistic equation of mindset, people, process, and technology — a methodology that helps enterprises strategically plan and build a better workforce experience. Leapgen continuously strives to upskill teams by infusing knowledge through ongoing coaching and advisory services.

Leapgen is helping organizations plan for the talent lifecycle continuum — talent acquisition through talent management — by reimagining a modern workforce experience at every stage of the employee lifecycle, at all moments that matter.



Deliver sound guidance for strategic HR technology and service delivery initiatives.

Equip HR teams with data-driven insights and to make purpose-driven refinement.

Deliver on a digital HR strategy and roadmap for the entire ‘hire-to-retire’ employment lifecycle.